Meet Sakina.  She is 6 years old and in first grade.  This is her first time ever getting to attend school and she LOVES it!  She is a big sister to Mahommad and little sister to Tiba (you'll meet her next).HEP_1653I think she is the shy one when strangers are around - but just wait until she gets to know you.  Then she's a firecracker!  Abas, our interpreter, kept teasing her because she was being so quiet.  Usually she talks non-stop.HEP_1663Like most middle children, she seems to kind of blend in and then pop!  There she is!!  She is so sweet and eager to please her parents.HEP_1722She is SO excited to have a little sister!HEP_1736 HEP_1789 HEP_1792Sakina's favorite thing about being in America is that it is safe and she gets to go to school!  She loves playing and making friends. She is super excited because she has made 3 friends in her class even though she speaks very little English.  She loves her teacher and playing with her friends.  One of her favorite things to do at home is to help cook.  Especially if cookies or cake is on the menu.  :)HEP_1802She loves to help in the kitchen. She was the first to jump in and help get cookies ready.HEP_18252/4