Lake Day...Captured | Binghamton Family Photographer


It was so hard for me to pick the peeks for Kristen’s family session that I had to make a slideshow!! Over the years I have gotten pretty quick at taking posed family photos. And that leaves lots of extra time for FUN!! I think the best photos are the ones that show our kids just how we see them every day. There are moments where their grace, beauty, strength & bravery just shines out of them - and it’s usually when they are in their element, doing what they love or even just being around the people they love. It’s not all giggles and fun - those looks of annoyance or chops that have been busted all come from a place of love and connection.

Thank you Kristen for allowing me to see the awesome pour out of your family. It was a privilege.

PS - Now I want a boat. :D

Heather Esposito