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I love photographing the L family.  I think my favorite thing about it is that they don't try to get their little dude to smile.  No crazy stress.  We just hang out and play, like any other day of the week.  The result is organic, honest, sweet images of their real life - which is amazing.  Full of smiles, stumbles, squinty faces, brown bear and tickles.  I think that's pretty perfect.Thanks you guys!!HEP_0773 HEP_0800 HEP_0807It was so awesome when great grandpa stopped by!    HEP_0832 HEP_0855 HEP_0914 HEP_0938 HEP_0967They have a really steep back yard that J loves to toddle around in.  I love that he hardly ever falls...he gets reeeaaallly close sometimes - but always manages to keep ontrucking along!HEP_1000 HEP_1013 HEP_1084 HEP_1103 HEP_1124 HEP_1134 HEP_1147