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The day before Thanksgiving in 2014 Melissa's water broke at 13 weeks and 6 days of pregnancy.  Preterm Premature Rupture of Membranes is extremely rare that early in pregnancy and the result is almost never a good one. All of her amniotic fluid was lost, but the baby still had a heart beat. post And so things went - day to day.  She was told to go home and watch for signs of infection, which could be life threatening.  They did not expect a positive outcome, but Melissa was used to miracles happening - so her hope was strong.  The doctor and Melissa chatted several times over Thanksgiving weekend and he told her not to eat after breakfast on that next Wednesday, because he could get a DNC done after the ultrasound appointment that day.The Ultrasound tech scanned her that Wednesday and told her, if she didn't know her history, she wouldn't have known anything was wrong.  Amniotic fluid levels were normal and the baby was perfectly healthy.  Everyone was shocked and hope was creeping in.  Her doctor was very cautious, 1% was a very small chance.  He was worried that as her uterus grew, the sac would rupture again.  Bed rest, lots of fluids and many prayers continued.  Days turned to weeks turned to months.  Until...  Fast forward 1 year - and we have this fantastic healthy 1 year old girl.So happy birthday sweet Holly - you are the 1%.3H0A30553H0A3368 3H0A3363 3H0A3310 3H0A3302 3H0A3271 3H0A3147 3H0A3136 3H0A3126 3H0A3114 3H0A3069 3H0A3031 3H0A3007 3H0A2980 3H0A2899 3H0A2858 3H0A2850 3H0A2805