Mr. & Mrs. White...captured. | Binghamton Wedding Photographer


Church - Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation Venue - Binghamton DoubleTree HotelFlowers - Woodfern FloristDJ - Rory VasalikGreek BandI love me a greek wedding!!  I'm Italian - but Greece is geographically close - so I like to think that I fit into this awesome culture a little bit.  Besides the fact that Chris and Louisa are gaga for each other- (I mean, just look at the way the look at each other!) - there is this amazing chaotic energy that has accompanied all the Greek weddings I have photographed.  I love how they love each other.  Family is so important.  Louisa's mom's family could not come to the wedding from Greece - so they Facetimed the whole day!!  During the ceremony, speaches and dances.  My favorite though was when her relatives were singing to her in the morning.  Louisa's eyes filled with tears as she got to hear and see them before her wedding.  It was pretty great.  I'm kinda sad this one is over...I really have loved getting to know Chris and Louisa - I hope you love your pics as much as we loved taking them!!  XO