little fishies...captured. | Binghamton Family Photographer


Every time I do family photography - I'm glad I did it.  There is something so satisfying about watching a family together.  Photographing them and seeing how they work together. Especially when they have kids who are similar in age to my own.   I went to a spot that I haven't been to since last year and it was beautiful - really perfect for two active boys and their parents.  I love how their personalities shine through.  Children are without pretense and I love it!  Their mom and dad are equally great and came all the way from Syracuse!  It was so sweet of them to drive down!  The next morning I took my own kids back to the spot and they had a blast hopping on rocks and watching the fish...and then we saw the snake.  Yep - 2+ feet long, underwater, eating fish.  SO glad we didn't see it the day before!

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