Its Like Rain...On Your Wedding Day | Binghamton, NY Wedding Photographer

I am up in the wee hours and came across this image from Rick and Kelsey Pierce's wedding.  I got to - I love life.  Sometimes things happen that appear to be annoying, bad or just miserable - and our first reaction is to be mad.  BUT - I think crappy things happen sometimes so we are given the opportunity to more clearly see joy.I just met with an awesome couple the other day who are planning their wedding.  The bride to be was a bridesmaid in Kelsey & Rick's wedding.  We chatted about the very rainy day and it just really hit me - your wedding day is YOUR wedding day - no matter what happens or how it turns out.  You are making a memory and that rain will be a part of it.   I am a huge believer in embracing what we have and finding the beauty in imperfection. I wonder if every time it pours outside that Kelsey will remember her wedding day - full of love and tears and awesomeness.   Especially this soaking wet walk with her father as she went to take her vows?   I love this image that Dan Esposito captured.  Not to mention those shoes!!!  You can't make a "pose" like this.  886252_10150574409544967_3812538591254109511_oI remember wishing that I could take her outside to get some pretty shots of her and how we were just hoping for the rain to let up.  But it didn't.  It poured and poured.  And it was windy and cold.  But without the rain coming sideways and splattering everything in it's path - this image of Kelsey through her living room window would not have been possible.  Warm, dry bride - cold, wet and very happy photographer.  There is nothing like the feeling of making an image that is swimming around inside my head, materialize in my camera.   This is just one of the many reasons why a great relationship between you and your photographer is important.  I am so grateful that she trusted me to do this weird and awesome shot.11403037_10155785242090075_7898206094984319466_nI have this image from Nate and Rebecca's wedding on the wall in my studio in a large beautiful aluminum print.  (You should check them out - SO cool!!)  People don't believe it's real.  I often get asked if it's Photoshopped.  Nope.  It's real.  Yet another example how embracing what we are given can make magic happen.  Whatever happens on your wedding day can bring magic if you let it.So my sweet wedding couples - do not fear the rain.  Learn to dance in it.  <39406_10150325677469967_843412959_n