F cancer...captured. | Binghamton Photographer


Spending the day with Cara and her boys was great. I got to capture those fleeting moments of a mom with preschoolers. Loving each other one minute, angry the next, cuddles, jumps, snacks and baths. So much of their day-to-day life reflects my own. But when evening arrived and dad came home - things turned from ordinary to extraordinary. Cara was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is young, vibrant, healthy and has no family history. So to say it was a shock is putting it lightly. If it was me - I'd be a mess. But she is strong. Composed and laughing in it's face. She took matters into her own hands and decided that instead of waiting for Chemo to take her hair- she'd take it herself. Until a couple weeks ago her hair was long and glorious. Then the bob. Now - she looks like a warrior. And that she is - and armed to the teeth with the love of an amazing family. F you cancer. Thank you Cara & Matt for letting me into your world and showing me what courage looks like.HEP_1135 HEP_1228 IMG_9654 IMG_9667 IMG_9702 IMG_9687 IMG_9743 IMG_9746 IMG_9757  HEP_1280 HEP_1286 HEP_1330 HEP_1252HEP_1339 HEP_1355 HEP_1372 HEP_1380 HEP_1421 HEP_1432 HEP_1460 HEP_1477IMG_9820HEP_1487IMG_9833HEP_1505IMG_9878 IMG_9881 IMG_9914-Edit  HEP_1563   HEP_1580 HEP_1588IMG_9922HEP_1599IMG_9961 IMG_9941IMG_9991HEP_1609 HEP_1610 HEP_1615 HEP_1620 HEP_1624 HEP_1628 HEP_1639 HEP_1642 HEP_1644 HEP_1673 HEP_1679 HEP_1684 HEP_1686 HEP_1704 HEP_1705 HEP_1715 HEP_1723 HEP_1738 HEP_1744 HEP_1773 HEP_1782 HEP_1797 HEP_1805 HEP_1814 HEP_1816 HEP_1821 HEP_1826