Dol...captured. | New Jersey Dol Photographer


Hey my friends!  Guess what??  Clara turned 1 and it was awesome!!  Her mom is Korean and they celebrated with a traditional Dol.  You can read more about it here - but mostly - it's a celebration where blessings and fortune are heaped upon the special baby!  It was so fun - I love learning about other cultures and feel so lucky to be able to photograph some of these awesome traditions!  Clara picked her fortune and her team.  I'll let you figure out where her future lies... HEP_1654 HEP_1658 HEP_1673 HEP_1708 HEP_1710 HEP_1742 HEP_1743 HEP_1763 HEP_1768 HEP_1770 HEP_1789 HEP_1803 HEP_1814 HEP_1828 HEP_1872 HEP_1904 HEP_1939 HEP_1944 HEP_1996 HEP_2035 HEP_2050 HEP_2062 HEP_2077 HEP_2102 HEP_2117 HEP_2127 HEP_2131 HEP_2147 HEP_2153 HEP_2173 HEP_2190 HEP_2195 HEP_2206 HEP_2211 HEP_2240 HEP_2247