“You shouldn’t try so hard to be perfect.  You don’t see you like I do.  Trust me, perfect should try to be you.”


I am a visual historian.  I want to take pictures that matter, that are timeless and that tell a story – your story.

Some facts about me:

I started working as a photographer when I was 18 – (That’s 21 years ago!!!)

I have lived in Vestal almost my whole life except during my “college years” – during that time I lived in Buffalo, Rochester and Columbia, SC. I also drove cross country 3 times and I still have the travel bug!

I have been married to my husband Dan for 11 years and we have 3 crazy-awesome kiddos.

I also have the most amazing dog in the universe – Frank the wiener dog extraordinaire.

I love to cook and hatch crazy plans.

I’m allergic to shellfish and party poopers.

Favorites: Italian food, Consol’s chocolate cake, snuggling with my loves, reading a good book and chasing the light.

Non-Favorites: Judgmental people, Jersey Shore, arguing about politics, negative Nancies and laundry.

Favorite movie of all time: Pee Wee’s Big Adventure

Favorite soda: Welch’s Grape Soda

Favorite super hero: Wonder woman – of course!

Enough about me – let’s talk about you! Drop me a line and lets get to know each other!