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Spending the day with Cara and her boys was great. I got to capture those fleeting moments of a mom with preschoolers. Loving each other one minute, angry the next, cuddles, jumps, snacks and baths. So much of their day-to-day life reflects my own. But when evening arrived and dad came home – things turned from ordinary to extraordinary. Cara was recently diagnosed with cancer. She is young, vibrant, healthy and has no family history. So to say it was a shock is putting it lightly. If it was me – I’d be a mess. But she is strong. Composed and laughing in it’s face. She took matters into her own hands and decided that instead of waiting for Chemo to take her hair- she’d take it herself. Until a couple weeks ago her hair was long and glorious. Then the bob. Now – she looks like a warrior. And that she is – and armed to the teeth with the love of an amazing family. F you cancer. Thank you Cara & Matt for letting me into your world and showing me what courage looks like.

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4 Responses to “F cancer…captured. | Binghamton Photographer”

  1. Jack and Mary Lou Shapinas

    Cara, we think you are more beautiful every day, no matter what . Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family every day, Love Jack & Mary Lou

  2. Jack and Mary Lou Shapinas

    Cara, we think you are more beautiful every day, no matter what . Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family every day, Love Jack & Mary Lou

  3. Barbara Fortunato, NPP

    You are beautiful with or without. Being a lung cancer survivor of 9 years, I so feel your pain. I was told a 30% chance of survival and through 2 chemo drugs, 5 days a week for 6 months, I would not lose my long hair. I survived surgery, chemo that almost took me down, and then went to San Antonio with my daughter and best friend. While I was gone, I started losing my hair! I did not expect this as I was told I would not lose it. Now, I thought the worst was over, but it was not. I came home, decided to get it over with and just had it shaved bald. I have no regrets, it grew back fast, came in grayer than I had and straighter than I had-most come back curly and a different color. Well, guess what? I’m here to say, hair is just hair, it grows back. It does not define us, but what does is our spirit. I call my scars my warrior wounds and have many more since then to add to the lung! Stay strong, remember every day is a new day. I so wish you and your family the best. Please feel free to contact me should you need a shoulder. I’m also a Psych NP. I’ve raised my daughter and 2 nieces on my own. I’m here if you need me! Much love and blessings for a healthy future!

  4. Maureen Green

    Cara and Matt, you have had so much to deal with and I know it has been difficult and your journey continues. You are strong for each other and for the boys. These pictures say so much and we love you both very much. Mom and Dad Green.

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