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This Beauty Fights like a Beast. | Mother’s Day Rafflle

Some of you may remember a photo series I did 2 years ago documenting the mighty Cara Paccio Green on the day she shaved her head before chemo could take her hair. Cara has been cancer free for the past 2 years, but recently received some very bad news. She went to the doctor with… Read more »

Mr. & Mrs. Sielaff…Captured. | Cooperstown Farmers’ Museum Wedding Photographer

Courtney & Chris’s wedding was full of the things they love – their friends, their family, great food and great fun!  With the Cooperstown Farmers’ Museum as their venue, there was charm to spare!  So many unique and personal touches to their wedding including on-site screen printing by Muckles Ink.,  sweet ring corsages for their moms… Read more »

Welcome Home…captured. | Binghamton Refugee Project

Safety.  A better life.  Kindness.  Security.  These are things that I take for granted every day.  One of the things I love best about our community is that we help.  We help our neighbors when they need a hand.  We help shuttle each other’s kids around.  If someone gets sick – a medical professional steps in… Read more »

Meet Mahommad.

This past weekend I had the pleasure to meet an amazing family who is new to our community.  They do not speak much english at all, so I met with them along with fantastic gentleman from the American Civic Association who is their friend and interpreter. This is Mahommad.  He is 5 years old and just… Read more »